On-Demand Training

Learn more about the features of CIS 360, including tips and tricks to customize Career Plan for your own site. Training videos are designed for staff and admin to learn more about specific topics in 360. If you are new, we recommend watching training videos in order. Check back for new training videos coming soon!

User quick guides, admin tools, and more

How to navigate within the features of 360

Career indexes, profiles, clusters, career plan activities

Program of study, schools, scholarships, and career plan activities

Resume builder, cover letter builder, job search videos

User facing career plan features and reporting

Edit career plans and create custom site plans

Use your site administration or staff log in to access the Admin Dashboard, reporting, creating a career plan, and more!

Quick guides for admin and staff features like creating accounts, groups, resetting passwords, and creating career plans.

Get quick answers to frequently asked questions about logging in, resetting passwords, technical support, and CIS 360.