CIS Versions

Which version of CIS is right for you?

  • CIS Junior

    CIS Junior supports reading, writing and decision-making at the upper-elementary and middle school levels. It develops self-awareness by promoting career exploration, research and planning skills. CIS Junior is written at the sixth-grade level, making it appropriate for special populations in various settings.

    Recommended users: 5th - 7th grade students

  • CIS High School

    CIS High School provides comprehensive career information for students developing college and career plans. CIS includes tools that encourage self-assessment, exploration, research, goal setting and decision making.

    Recommended users: 8th - 12th grade students

  • CIS College

    CIS College enables postsecondary students to connect majors to career opportunities, find scholarships and research graduate schools. Students create resumes and learn tips for successful job searches.

  • CIS Adult

    CIS Adult provides job seekers with a resource for their career information and career planning needs. Easy to access and simple to use, CIS Adult provides in-depth occupational and educational information. Our career planning tools allow users to engage in a self-directed career-planning experience.